"I don't even like politics, I just joined for the cake and party hats"

-Daleksec1000 on the Creativian Nationalist Party


Creativian Nationalist Party Insignia

The Creativian Nationalist Party (CNP) aka The Supreme party of Creativia (Meaning the only party in Creativia except the equlist party. The CNP were confronted with many different problems with Exatians and military affairs. Their leader and as they are in office, fuhrer is Lingminging and vice-leader being Daleksec1000. Daleksec1000 is the man in charge of the exaction of Exatians.

Members Edit

There are currently 8 members of the Creativian Nationalist Party. Fuhrer lingminging, Chancellor Daleksec1000, Empress Enderfart0_o, Vice Chancellor Craftiegreen, MPs Duskhound, Knightfang, Nicole_Turner and The_Man898.

Equlist Party

All the members and supporters of the equalist party