• Lingminging founded creativia
  • Deer are a common sorce of death
  • Creativia has a great relationship with bus companies(Due to something about ducks)
  • Craftiegreen discovered rage mode
  • Daleksec is "Special"
  • Enderfart is the leader of creativia along with Lingminging
  • It is hard to think of trivia
  • Trivia's full name, Trevor "Trivia" Triverton III
  • Cats are the national animal of creativia
  • Tea is the national drink
  • Trivia was born with three pinky toes. The third was surgically removed and donated to charity.
  • Chlorophyll is the national drink
  • Craftiegreen invented shadow arts
  • Craftiegreen has a apprentice
  • I can see you
  • Chlorophyll is the national drink
  • Trivia once hardboiled an ostrich egg by setting his egg timer to four days. Needless to say, the zoo wasn't impressed, but it was a delicious egg.
  • many people in the empire of creativia have no lives and that is why the make up trivia about the empire
  • I can see you
  • Daleksec's face is a common "inside joke"
  • Lingminging is very powerful
  • Wikipedia is known to be full of Trivia Nazi's. <insert name here> may very well be one of them.
  • Look a deer
  • Ling is creativia's most famous philosopher
  • Lingminging founded Creativia
  • Lingminging invented the flag
  • Lingminging looks good in white
  • Lingminging can see you 0_0
  • Trivia can lick his elbow and pat a Kangaroo at the same time.

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