What Happened Edit

Exatia War I introduces us to a Player (Lingminging) who would gain importance in Updates. In EWI, Ling is a young Minecraftian Corporal, who fights bravely and does his duty for the Minecrftians. Later, in Update 1.4.3, we see Ling's Joining to the Light side(creativia). Exatian War I features some other familiar faces, Craftiegreen, who in EWII becomes a major leader, is depicted as a younger, lower-level, First Lord of the Admiralty under the tutelage of his master The Leaue of Master Shadow Artists, He leads the Raid in Exatia(The town not da city), and it creates a tragic story. Daleksec is only seen in Exatia War II

The Verdict Edit

EWI ends on a fairly unspectacular note, which is no doubt an obvious setup for the classic magnum opus of EWII. However, that is often seen as a tired excuse by frustrated fans wanting more, who instead, see it as yet another aspect of the franchise's creative bankrupty(Creativia WIkia). Many also see this as a lesser War and an opportunity to cash in on the popularity of EWII. This War falls into the "Creativian-wikia fans" category, while more cynical viewers of the storyline may just wait for the DVD release, I would like to offer an opinion. I do recommend viewing the war have some questions answered about the rationale and causes of the events in the later wars, but it does pale in comparison to the classic EWII.

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