Karsh - The Industrial Area Edit

Karsh, or the Industrial Area, is a plains biome dominated by several large warehouses that are the lifeblood of modern Creativia. Something else is the lifeblood of modern Creativia, but I won't talk about chlorophyll here...

Karsh was built entirely by craftiegreen because:

  1. He has no life
  2. Daleksec1000 or lingmigning couldn't be bother helping
  3. No-one else wanted to build the secret chlorophyll factory... oops! Did I just say that on live TV?

Karsh contains a logging factory that supplies all things wooden to Creativia, a random building, a diamond mine, the Creativian Redstone power station, a large building with entirely useless smoke coming out of it (I blame the chlorophyll) and many more warehouses.

Karsh is currently neutral under the Clan Law.

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