London (pronounced "Lingdun"), more commonly known as The Least Exatian City in Creativia, is the creative culture capital of creativia. The city was built along the River Ayimko by the wonderful Lingminging. It has been a major settlement ever since, with the turning point being the arrival of the Ling, who named it Lingdon, and set in motion its rise to becoming a world centre of creativian culture.

A leading planet minecraft city, strengths in the dark financial arts, self-love,kilt manufacturing and military operations. Its 43 universities form the largest concentration of higher education in minecraft and provide local muggers with a source players to attack. Lingdon has a diverse range of peoples and cultures(All Creativian), and more than 300 languages(All forms of English) are spoken within its boundaries, most of which are used to talk about the people from the other cultures with suspicion.