Meudwy, a.k.a The Hermit City Edit

Meudwy is a vast metropolis situated in the heart of Tywod, at the centre of the Hallowmeer Clan's home

2014-11-21 18.18.01

The Hermit City at night

province and craftiegreen's stronghold of power. It contains multiple levels of villager housing, as well as a vast open area inside which is, in turn, used for church services run by a Leigeman, and massive PvP tournaments held monthly.

The centre tower has several floors, and the top one is the Hallowlord's (craftiegreen's) quarters. Any citizen below rank Farspur caught entering his lordships's chambers may be forced to become an ousted, for it is holy ground. The Nine Liegemen live here too;

2014-11-01 18.12.07

Meudwy as seen under construction

they are currently;

Anntionette, Finnsai, Tokugari, Knobbs, Louise, Phadella, Haydur, the other one and the other other one