The Hermit Duo Edit

The Hermit Duo is a notorious criminal gang that ran riot in Creativia for many minor updates around late 1.7. The Duo is composed of ringleader, Albert, and his trusty sidekick in all things illegal, Ermit the Hermit.

The Hermit Duo were the first Hermits in Tywod, and lived first upon Hermit Island, then in the Welcoming Tower. Their story starts here, when Albert stole craftiegreen's favourite piece of brown wool (don't judge). Craftiegreen whipped out his diamond sword when he discovered the theft and went after the Duo with murder in his heart, eyes, hands and left nostril. And tonsils.

But then Lingminging foolishly tried to protest their innocence and shielded them from craftiegreen's wrath. So then craftiegreen went into rage mode and obliterated Welcoming Tower, destroying the Hermit Duo. An epic battle ensured between the the 'crafty warrior of green' and the 'Vassal-lord of Europium', with craftiegreen's antique golden sword destroyed in the process.

But as it turned out, Albert and Ermit survived the destruction. They were present in the Battle for Creativia, and were later found terrorising the villagers of Meudwy, where craftiegreen captured them and sent them to the Welcoming Tower prison. But somewhere along the line, they went missing, and their whereabouts are currently unknown... they could be anywhere... like near your house... or just behind your computer... sleep well!

The Hermit Duo and Chlorophyll Edit

When the chlorophyll trade was at it's peak, the Hermit Duo became caught up in it. They became the main suppliers and dealers in Tywod and created many brainless youths in the streets of Meudwy. Definitely not including craftiegreen. When the crafty warrior heard of their acts, he immediately went after them. To bring them to justice. That's it. Nothing... sniff... else...

But these two dastardly hermits were ringleaders in the chlorophyll business. They even converted Flood Pyramid into a chlorophyll farm.