In creativia there are 2 main beliefs on how minecraft was created the most conman and Shogunate approved way is a religious belief. This belief is called Covenant

Covenant belief on how Minecraft was Created-010:32

Covenant belief on how Minecraft was Created-0

This is the covenant depiction of the origins of Minecraft.

The other belief was made by the Scientific community as this site it run by the Creativian Shogunate by the Law of Lingminging, Daleksec1000 and Enderfart I must in form you it is absaluote rubbish.
Minecraft History of the Universe With Narration08:40

Minecraft History of the Universe With Narration

Scientific community of Creativia actually believe this. Narration by David Blockinburg

We can not confirm which one of these are right (But we are sure it s The 1st option). We can Of course prove how minecraft developed into what it is now.
The evolution of Minecraft06:11

The evolution of Minecraft

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