People about to die!

War is a term used to describe what happens when two opposing forces want either the same thing or contradicting things(Usually being chlorophyll(which is illustarted in the war of 20.4), thus leading to tons of stuff blowing up. Anyway, many people consider war to be evil and unnecessary(Craftiegreen), but thats probably the chlorophyll speaking.

Benifits Edit

More jobs Edit

First of all, as more and more soldiers go off to fight and more Chloropyll dealers

Less players Edit

Furthermore, when people leave the world to go fight, that means that there are less players. Less players means shorter lines for the movies, shorter lines for the bathroom, shorter lines for everything! Believe me, if there's one thing that no one has, it's patience and sometimes chlorophyll(not), but now you don't need it(No you need the chloropyhll). Plus, as the population decreases, the odds that someone will ask you for directions or the time dramatically decrease, meaning that you're saved from many of the petty annoyances of daily life. What more could a man want? Chlorophyll

Increased awesomeness Edit

War means explosions, machine guns, chlorophyll and bodies flying in every direction. That's just plain awesome. But you know what's not awesome? Not having chlorophyll.